Behavioural Optometrist

At Hepworth & Hall, we are able to offer you an individualized treatment plan in relation to your visual needs and the everyday demands made on your sight

The Aims of Behavioural Optometry

As follows:
  • To prevent vision and/or eye problems from developing in the first instance, or to prevent their deterioration in cases where they are already present.
  • To provide treatment that is tailored to the patient’s needs, taking into account lifestyle and vision problems that are present, such as myopia (shortsightedness) or ‘lazy eye’.
  • To ensure that the visual demands of your lifestyle, whether that is the visual function needed in the classroom, the workplace or when playing sport, are developed normally and are working well.
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Behavioural Optometrist

Behavioural Therapy

When Your Eyes Need More

Behavioural optometry can be particularly important not just for those with existing vision problems but also for children. Visual functionality can have an enormous impact on a child’s education and everyday life experience, both of which are crucial to healthy development. If you would like to learn more about what behavioural optometry at Hepworth & Hall can offer you or your child, please speak to one of the team today.

Behavioural optometry care goes one step further than the full eye examination that we offer as standard to our patients. We can offer you an appointment with the aim of assessing and treating eyesight difficulties in specialist areas such as children’s vision, sports vision and vision problems that affect education. Behavioural optometry treatment can include advice to help prevent or reduce eye problems, vision therapy to improve the functionality of your vision and your visual processing development, and the use of tinted lenses where it is deemed necessary by specific testing.

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